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We Believe in Transparency and have an “Open Kimono” Policy:

“open kimono”

(adj.) – A business marketing plan that allows consumers to know what’s behind the entire operation, with no secrets kept inside the proverbial kimono.

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We’ve noticed that when it comes to investing, too much of the profit is consumed by high fees.

Integrity, Discipline, and Performance.  These are the three pillars of our firm.

Our Portfolio Managers have worked on Wall Street and we know what works. We specialize in building portfolios of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that track indexes that are showing the strongest price trends in the world.  We have all heard the virtues of indexing, we love indexing… but only during rising markets!

We have tested and refined momentum investing strategies for over a decade to determine which combinations of momentum signals and portfolio construction rules can consistently outperform Index Investing while still delivering superior loss protection. Our investment universe of ETFs cover globally diverse indexes, we’ve found dozens of compelling, profitable combinations.

We believe all investors, not just Wall Street insiders, should have access to risk mitigation programs that work.

We are here to help Main Street, not Wall Street.

Our mission is to help as many people as possible to build safer and more profitable portfolios.

The portfolios shown on this site are copies of the same strategies we use for our pay advisory clients. A portion of the fees they pay us go towards supporting this educational website.

We freely disclose our model portfolios because we believe that trend following is the safest way to allocate capital and we think that anyone, regardless of account size, should have access to the advantages these strategies can offer. We invite you to take a closer look at how we build portfolios and consider ways these strategies could fit within your own investment framework. Subscribe to receive trend change notifications.

A New Investment Opportunity

Rather than suffer through years like 2008 (down 57%) as a “buy and hold” Index investor, we believe there is a safer and more profitable way to invest.

Today there exists 1000s of ETFs that cover foreign and domestic asset classes and trade on U.S. exchanges.

For the first time in history, because of these ETFs, anyone with access to a brokerage account can become a successful global trend follower. Trend following is what Hedge Funds and other Wall Street insiders do to make money in any market environment.

We want to help you do the same thing. Each day we rank performance of large baskets of global ETFs using various momentum signals. We use that data to construct portfolios that systematically follow and invest in bull markets all over the globe.

Let Us Show You

Check out our portfolios and white papers. We are developing educational videos that are designed to empower anyone to do what we do.

Subscribe!  Invite your friends! Together we can make investing safer and more profitable.

Meet The Team

Managing Partner

John R. Sarson is Managing Partner and Chief Risk Officer for ETF Momentum, Investing, LLC.
Prior to founding ETF Momentum Investing, LLC, John was Regional Vice President of Guggenheim Partners. He also led financial advisor education and distribution in New York City and surrounding areas. John’s experience and training with quantitative strategies comes from previous employers; BNY Mellon, Lord Abbett & Co, and Claymore Securities.
John graduated with a B.A in History from the University of Notre Dame.

Director of Operations

Brittany Keels is the Director of Operations for ETF Momentum Investing, LLC. Mrs. Keels has primary focus on the operations and compliance of the firm. Mrs. Keels has spent her professional career in the financial services industry. Prior to joining ETF Momentum Investing LLC, she was a manager for a First Financial Bank retail location. She implemented strategies on both sales and operations within the markets as well as training. Mrs. Keels brings thirteen years of operational and management experience with focus on compliance and education.
Brittany Keels studied business administration and business management at Columbus State Community College and Franklin University.

Director of Data Science

Chaster Johnson has nine years of Aerospace experience developing financial models for major capital projects and managing the start-up of new production lines.  He has managed capital projects including the start-up of the first and only U.S. 3-D printing factory manufacturing FAA approved parts.  Chaster was Quality Manager at what is now Arconic responsible for building the quality department at the first greenfield jet engine turbine disc manufacturing facility in 30 years.  He also was an operations manager responsible for the start-up of a section of the G650 assembly line at Gulfstream Aerospace.  Chaster joins ETF Momentum Investing as the Director of Data Science managing the firms trading models.
He has a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Minor in Economics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Executive Assistant

Christie Pell is the Executive Assistant for managing partner, John R. Sarson. Christie has worked as an Executive Assistant for over 15 years. She comes with a great deal of financial knowledge and previously worked with the wealth management team of a local bank. Outside of work, she thoroughly enjoys spending time with her son, and has a passion for cooking.

Cryptocurrency Prop Trader

Chris is our Cryptocurrency Prop Trader. He’s an avid Blockchain & Cryptocurrency enthusiast. Snowboarding and trading are his passions. Chris holds a New Media degree from Indiana University.


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