ETF Momentum Investing, LLC

How long will this investment opportunity last?

It shows no sign of stopping in our lifetimes. If anything, it is becoming more pronounced. Many will assert that if there really were an exploitable source of return available by investing in momentum, then investors would allocate capital towards this anomaly until it was fully arbitraged from the market. This simply has not turned out to be the case. In their highly regarded white paper entitled “Fact Fiction and Momentum Investing” published in the Journal of Finance on May 9, 2014 Cliff Asness and his team conclude “Evidence [suggests] the momentum premium has been part of markets since their very existence, well before researchers studied them as a science.”

Should I use leverage with trend following?

The performance and portfolios shown on our site are shown without leverage. Although we do use leverage in our private fund, we strongly advise against leverage without deep familiarity with momentum investing.

Are you “Momentum Investing” or “Trend Following”?

We use these terms interchangeably. We are seeking to exploit momentum based pricing anomalies in global asset prices by following entrenched trends.

Are you paid by any ETF company to recommend their product?

No, absolutely not. We would never accept any payment to recommend an investment. Our portfolios are all rules based, and ETFs are included or excluded based on liquidity, holdings and expenses.

Why no stocks?

We utilize ETFs to capture sector level trends while diversifying away the idiosyncratic risks associated with individual companies.

How do I open an account?

Fill out our Book a Strategy Session link and include a comment with the best time to contact you. You can also reach us at info@etfmi.com by email and (317) 805-4808 by phone.

Who is our custodian?

We custody assets with Interactive Brokers.

When will I receive performance updates?

As a client, you will receive a quarterly statement that shows all performance. If you require an update at any other point please reach out to us and we will provide the information. You can also view your balance and performance any time on Interactive Brokers website under your log in.