Global Trend Following with Value Investing

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Global Trend Following with Value Investing

Number of Holdings:  18-20
Weighting Method:  Modified Equal Weight
Measurement Frequency:  Daily

We offer this portfolio for investors who are interested in paring Momentum Investing with Value Investing. Research has shown that Value Investing and Momentum Investing often have inversely correlated periods of out-performance.  Because of this it has been shown that pairing Momentum with Value in a portfolio can result in a beneficial shifting of that portfolio’s efficient frontier, effectively increasing the return achieved for every unit of risk.

In this portfolio, we allocate 50% of our capital to a reduced volatility version of the Global Trend Following portfolio and the other 50% to a basket of select Global Value Investments. We monitor portfolio holdings daily and sell any holding that experiences statistically significant trend strength deterioration.  This portfolio is 100% rules based and offers excellent liquidity.

Current Portfolio Holdings as of:

Target Weight* Description: Ticker Date Added 
50.0% Global Momentum Investments
5.0% Equal Weight US Equities RSP 1/03/2017
5.0% Africa ETF AFK 5/22/2018
5.0% Emerging Asia Region ETF GMF 1/03/2017
5.0% PowerShares China All Cap ETF YAO 5/22/2018
5.0% Pacific Region ex. Japan ETF EPP 1/03/2017
5.0% Currency Hedged Japan ETF DXJ 1/03/2017
2.5% Wide Moat Strategy ETF MOAT 4/13/2017
2.5% Base Metals Commodity Fund ETF DBB 1/03/2017
2.5% PowerShares Small Cap Energy ETF PSCE 5/22/2018
2.5% Chile Index ETF ECH 4/13/2017
2.5% Vanguard Small Cap Value VBR 5/03/2018
2.5% Brazil Index ETF EWZ 1/03/2017
2.5% Austria ETF EWO 5/03/2018
2.5% PowerShares Healthcare PTH 5/03/2018
50.0% Value Investments
8.3% Berkshire Hathaway BRK.B 6/01/2017
16.6% Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF DIA 11/16/3017
8.3% Fundamental U.S. Large Company ETF FNDX 5/03/2018
8.3% Markel Corporation MKL 3/26/2018
8.3% PowerShares US Dollar ETF UUP 5/22/2018

*May not add to 100% due to rounding

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